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OH MY GOD ????

Posted by ishamadasu on October 8, 2016 at 5:15 PM

Heyy so I sorta forgot i had this until I went to my Google+ page. Wooow so um hi I'm Isha i'm 12 now i have social media andd I'm SHOOK at all my entries �� Omg but don't you love fall like one of the best times of the year except not this year because of Hurricane Matthew and it's currently pouring rain outside soo ya. Oh and can we talk about Supertrix for a minute like literally #bestfriendgoals. Man that makes me miss my best friend Maggi �� we're one hour apart yet sooo far *cue tears* anywayss how's your day going? Mine is going fine I'm thinking of doing something productive like I have to make a DIY for my friend andd I haven't started it soo BTW Harshi if you're reading this I'M SORRY OKEH PLZ DON'T HATE MEH soo I stopped my MiniLucie13 marathon to write this �� OMG wouldn't it be cool if i wrote back in Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas? I'll do that lol k bye

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