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update: new school and... a pandemic?

Posted by ishamadasu on September 3, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Heyy guys,

Long time, no see! It's been nearly two years and I apologize. I've just been really busy lately. I'm a junior now! I get to worry about college applications and essays and the SATs and the whole shabang. So much has happened in these last two years. I got transferred to a new school last year that was opening because I lived closer there. It sucked because I had to leave all my friends at the old school behind, but the environment here is much more inclusive and welcoming. 

Oh, and I'm in the middle of a pandemic right now. No biggie. Just a virus that has killed millions of people that happened to be named after a beer company. I have been in quarantine for 5 months. 5 MONTHS. I go outside every once in a while but I haven't gone to school in forever. We had to do remote learning earlier this year and now, I can honestly say it's a lot easier than in-person learning, especially the schedule since school started again. I would 100% learn better in a classroom though, because it's easier to collaborate with people and the teacher. My prediction is that they will find a vaccine in January next year, and everything will start to go back to normal next summer. Of course, that's assuming people aren't idiots and they actually follow social distancing guidelines. I hope I get to write back next year and see if I'm right! For now, it's late at night and I have school tomorrow but it was nice to catch up after a long time.

- Isha Madasu 9/2/20

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